Martin Heiberg
Visual content creator & content strategist




I have more then 15 years of experience within Photography. The last 3 years I’ve focused and expertise myself within the travel industry, promoting destinations for Visit Stockholm, Ahoi Hamburg, and VisitCopenhagen where I was a content creator from May 2017 - July 2019

Although Destination Marketing have been my focus I also have experience with fashion, food, design and interior design photograhy.



I can help you creating shot 15-60 sec videos tailored to Social media use. Showing the best and most interesting about your brand.

Social media - Content strategy & Consulting

Martin has established a strong Instagram profile known as @Meetmartin with a following of more than 80K followers and with a strong focus on the travel industry but soon also food and design. With my experience from VisitCopenhagen, with content production, management, campaigns and creating content strategies. I can help you and your business. Having the right content and SoMe strategie is key to taking your online presence to the next leve. On top of that I as a content creator can provide help creating a beautiful and consistent Instagram feed.