Martin Heiberg
Visual content creator & content strategist

Copy of New Year's Eve 2019

Happy New Year


This year I once again decided that I actually did't feel that I wanted to go out and party, after the worst year of my life that I wrote about over on my blog I just didn’t felt like there was anything to celebrate other than the year is over and I’m hopefully able to start on a fresh. I'm not a party kinda guy and I don't need to drink to have fun, not that I don't like a good glass of wine or a good cocktail, I just don't drink to get drunk or rather I’m to old to get drunk with the hangovers I get, my body don’t like to drink.

I knew that I wanted to return to Dronning Louises Bridge as it's one of the wild places on new years eve. Last year I spend the evening there with fellow photographers & creative geniuses Kenneth Nguyen and Alona Vibe this year we did the same, we had a good night shooting . But we were also a bit disappointed as the party wasn’t that wild this year. But we still had a lot of fun without a drop of alcohol.

But can we just talk about fireworks and drunk people? I still don’t get why it’s legal for 17 years old drunk and high people and grown ups acting like they where 17 to play around with explosives. How the fuck can that be a good idea?? I’m not saying people can’t have fun, I just don’t understand why people in 2019 can’t figure out how to have fun without being drunk as fuck or high on some fucked up drugs. I think that it might be a good time to follow the steps of many other cities and ban fireworks and let the city or state be in charge of the firework shows. It would mean a lot less injuries and less money spend on cleaning up. But that’s just my honest opinion. 

Remember that it's okay not to drink and feeling like partying, also on the biggest party day of the year.