Martin Heiberg
Visual content creator & content strategist

New Year's Eve 2018

Happy New Year


This year I decided that I actually did't feel that I wanted to go out and party, I'm not a party kinda guy and I don't drink for the buzz, not that I don't like a good glass of wine or a good cocktail, I just don't drink to get drunk. 
I had originally just planned staying inside watching a good movie and eating candy. But thankfully decided to head out and shoot instead. I ended up at Dronning Louises Bridge as I knew it's one of the wild places on new years eve. 
After a short time fellow photographer Kenneth Nguyen and his girlfriend Alona Vibe (also a photographer) stod in front of me, later joined by another friend of Kenneth, the rest of the evening was just shooting and having fun with out a drop of alcohol.

Remember that it's okay not to drink and feeling like partying, also on the biggest party day of the year.