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September & October

So I didn’t make a September blog post, mainly because not much happened in my life, it’s a bit in a stand still.
But a few exciting things are starting to show up

It’s now about 8 months since my mom passed away. It’s hard to understand that 8 months have passed. While it some days feels like it was yesterday, that I said goodbye, other days feel like it’s been years. So much have happened’d in the last 8 months, I’ve changed as a person, I see the world in a different way, I appreciate the small things more than I did before, I’ve become more aware of things not worth spending my time on, life is just too short. Recently I’ve become more aware of how much time I use in front of a screen - I have never denied that I spend way too much time in front of a screen. It just not until some weeks ago that I realised that it’s fucking nice to spend a weekend with minimum screen time. I spend a weekend taking care of my niece and nephew just drawing, painting, playing with legos and doing beads. I fucking enjoyed being creative without a screen. So I bought a few Lego Architecture set and used some long afternoons home alone with a few cups of coffees, some nice music, just playing with legos. I’m properly going to buy a lot more lego sets and maybe also begin to paint & draw in the near future.

Work update
If you didn’t read my August blog post you might not know that I got a permanent contract with Wonderful Copenhagen aka VisitCopenhagen. Happier than ever for my current work situation. I love the added responsibility and that my boss and I have the same vision for my future, which involve a lot more strategy, concept development and campaign planning. I’m going to give my first talk to a bunch of bloggers/influencer event in November which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Spending more time learning to make video, I'm getting better but still have so much to learn when it comes to video, but I’m more motivated than ever. Soon the process with creating our content strategy for 2019 will begin and a new period with a lot of work will begin, but I really like the added responsibilities that I have at the moment, and I appreciate the trust.

Apartment update
Around mid October I was finally able to start looking at apartments for real, all the financial stuff is sorted. It’s taken a lot more time that I had hoped for to get the financial situation sorted. I’ve been at some open houses, there were some quite nice ones in between, but they all missed out on some of the things I really want when I’m investing in an apartment - at as you may know they ain’t cheep in Copenhagen, if you want a three room apartment. So the search is still on, hopefully I will find the dream apartment soon, I’m so eager to move and just start on a fresh.

I spend a long weekend in September in London visiting my sister and meeting my newly born niece for the first time. Shortly after I landed I went to Notting Hill and meet up with local instagramer Alex who showed me around his hood

The following days was just a mix of family time and me walking around London taking photos, drinking coffee and eating croissants. It really was a much need break from work and a great way of celebrating my new job situation. I love London but on the other hand there’s something about the city that I don’t like. It’s quite stressing for me walking around the city I don’t know if it’s because they drive on the “wrong” side or what it is that stresses me. It’s not the size, I don’t feel the same kinda stress in New York after all.

Tivoli Halloween

Instagram inspiration

I'm slowly getting into listening to more and more podcasts. I've been fan of a few for many years but it's only now that I'm really giving it a chance. I really like podcasts where I can either learn stuff, get motivated or having a laugh, so here's a few Podcasts that I have been enjoying listening to the last month(s): 

  • Mørkeland (Danish murder series)

  • Sidespor (New - Danish creative and anything in between talk)

TV Series
Just some Netflix recommendations:

  • Broadchurch (Netflix - crime series - I got hooked immediately and binge watched the two seasons)

  • Chefs Table (Netflix - the new pastry season but chefs table is in general great)

Just a few artists and albums that I’ve been listening a lot too lately.

I think that was it for September & October.
Thanks for reading this far! 

As this was the second “monthly” blog post, still don’t know how this "concept" will evolve. If you have any suggestions please comment below…

Miss you mom! ❤️

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