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Time to change

I am the one stopping myself from doing what I want to do
I’ve come to a point where I can no longer just wait…I’ve had plans both creatively and on a personal level that I wanted to do when I found a new apartment. At the moment I don’t know when that will happen, it can be tomorrow or in 6 months. I can’t continue just waiting and telling myself that I’ll do this and that when I find my new home. On a personal level I want to invest in myself, start hitting the gym again, get more fit and get in a better shape, I haven’t hit the gym for almost two years. What’s holding me back is that this time I want a personal trainer but I don’t want to start with a personal trainer when I know I’ll work out in another gym once I move. So this month I signed up for a gym membership and started working out on my own again, and it feels incredible good!

I bought a new coffee machine now instead of waiting… I might not have the space for the new coffee machine in my current kitchen but I’ll have to find a solution to that. I wan’t to make better coffee, I’m tired of Nespresso. I want to learn more about coffee, how to brew a good cup, make latte art and so much more. So I bought a Sage Barrista Express.

On a creative level… I’m burnt out. I don’t feel like taking photos at the moment in my spare time (at work I’m doing fine), I don’t feel inspired, I don’t know where to take my style, I don’t know in what direction I wanna move.  A lot of thing are happening around me in my personal life that properly play a role in me feeling burnt out . I’m frustrated that I can’t find that apartment so that I can press the reset button. Hopefully I will soon have a good reason to delete tinder and happn, the dating game can be fucking brutal and full of bullshit.

So as mentioned I bought a real espresso machine. I’ve used a Nespresso for the last 10 years and have enjoyed it, it’s easy and the coffee taste decent. But I’ve always been fascinated by process of grinding and brewing your own coffee. It was time to take my coffee game to the next level. I think I have had the Sage barista express in mind for almost a year. Last Christmas I saw that a friend, former barista and instagrammer Caroline got the machine I instantly asked her if she would recommend the machine, and now I finally bought my own. And what a difference! The first cup I made with beans from Coffee collective was almost as good as the one you can by at the coffee collective coffee shops. Of course my latte art isn’t good yet - havn’t had the time to take any good photos yet but keep an eye on my insta for latte art fails.

Instagram inspiration of the month

I use way to much time on Instagram, but it's there I get inspired and motivated to do better and leave my comfort zone, so I've put together a little list of photographers that inspires me or are just acing it at the moment. This section of the blog will be a monthly recurring, and I'll share some of the Photographers/instagrammers that inspired me this month.

If you have any suggestions please comment below or slide into my dm’s on instagram.

Podcasts of the month
This month I havn’t found many new podcast but I began listening to The Stalman Podcast, so if you are into photography you should check it out. If you have any suggestions please comment below or slide into my dm’s on instagram

I think that was it for November a bit shorter than usual but that’s how it is.
Thanks for reading this far! 

Peace out!

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