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A great start to 2019

I’m smiling again

Looking at 2019 with a positive mindset
I used the Christmas holiday really thinking about my own mental health. What makes me happy and what makes me sad and then really trying to figure out what I can do to Improve my own life. And I must say that I feel like I’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. I’m enjoying life much more than I did the last months of 2018. I still have a few thoughts I’m dealing with, but they are more on a creative plan. So all in all I’m going into 2019 with new positive eyes and spirit.

2019 starting out perfectly
The new year started with a smile, actually I ended 2018 on a with a smile. I’m not going into too much details at the moment. But let’s just say that I smile a lot more and are more happy at the moment that I have been in a long time, then you can make your own assumptions.

Doing more of what I love and less what I “have to”
I’m really enjoying my new found work-life balance. I’ve used to work way too much or at least be mentally at work almost 24/7 and that’s just not healthy. So now when I leave work 99% of the time I don’t touch work related stuff when I’m at home. In the weekends I only post the daily photo on Visitcopenhagen and that’s it, so in the weekends I work for maybe a combined of 5 minuttes. I really wish that we could automate it more… we can, but then we miss out on some of the key features we use on our profile, so for now we (I) still have to post semi manually. But I can feel that I’m a lot less stressed than I used to be, I’m more relaxed when I don’t “have to” think of work all the time, and just to clarify I was never forced to nor was it expected that I put so much spare time into work, I just choose to, because I already use so much time on Instagram, so it was easy for me to just switch account and work on visitcopenhagen instead of my own.

So with new energy and time on my hand I’m slowling beginning to tick off some of my personal projects I previously talked about. I tried to make croissants, actually turning out decent for a first try but still room for improvements (a lot of improvements). But I know what I have to work on and what I might have done wrong, so the second batch should turn out better (properly jinxed it already)


I bought a few analogue cameras that I will shoot with in London and Bangkok in February and then I need to figure out what electric keyboard I’m going with, right now I’m looking at the Korg microKEY-2 (49 or 61 keys) If you have any recommendations about electric keyboards hit the comment section below or slide into my DM’s on Instagram. I also can’t wait to begin to cook and bake much more than I do at the moment. As of writing this post (around the January) I just came back to life after 10-12 days with a good old flu combined with a serious man flu.

Man flu

An illness the course the male to be helpless and
sicker than any other family memeber

In Females: A cold

Looking forward to February
January have been the best month in a long time, I’ve been smiling a lot and enjoyed life, but I’m also looking forward to February. In just a few days (depending on when this is published) I’m going to London with my brother to see our sister and niece, doing some shopping and eating good food, then I’m back in Copenhagen for around two weeks and then I’m heading to Bangkok for a week to shoot a lot of photos and just relax a bit. So I’m really looking forward to writing the next blog post or two (Bangkok special might be coming up)

Martin Eats
I had originally planed that I would have a food segment on the blog, featuring some of the places I eat, not that I eat out all the time, but a few times a month I do.
In January I ate at Geist - a fine restaurant where I didn’t take any photos but the food was fucking delicious and the company even better. Then I ate at Slurp one of the best places for ramen in Copenhagen with fellow photographer Viktor sylvester. Hopefully I can make this a recurring segment of the blog.


Instagram inspiration

I use way to much time on Instagram, but it's there I get inspired and motivated to do better and leave my comfort zone. So I've put together a little list of photographers or photos that inspires me or are just acing it at the moment. This section of the blog will be a monthly recurring, and I'll share some of the Photographers/instagrammers that inspired me during the month. If you have any suggestions, please comment below or slide into my DM’s on instagram.

Just a few artist songs or albums that i’ve been listening a lot to lately.

I think that was it for January. February is going to be filled with adventures and smiles

Thanks for reading this far! 


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