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Family time

New and old family ❤️

Meeting each other's family
So we met each others family this month. First time was at a concert with the artist David44 where I met my girlfriend’s two sisters, her mother, cousin and a handfull friends. It all went very good and they all seems very sweet and nice. Then I was invited to easter lunch at my mother in law ( ok that’s a bit weird to say after having been single for so many years) where I met the rest of the family. They are all very friendly and very easy to talk with, the food was great too, so I would call that a success.

The following friday it was time for me to introduce my girlfriend (who for now will remain unnamed) My sister, niece and dad was also in town for the weekend as we had a big gathering the following sunday, but it was nice to finally show my family who she was and I think they like her, my brother told me (with a glint in his eyes) that he was surprised that I had found a as relatively normal and nice women. I’m not sure what they had expected that I one day would have introduced them to)

I took 3 days off work during easter and with Thursday, Friday and the following Monday as national days, I had 10 days off work. Went out to shoot a bit with a friend. Baked some croissants that finally turned out close to perfect, made homemade pasta for the first time - fuck that’s delicious! I also bought some plants and cleaned up the apartment, and moved a bit around, so the apartment has become a little nicer


On saturday before easter sunday I met up with some of the original instagram team in Copenhagen: Abdellah, Viktor, Mathias, Aske, Andreas and Bobby for a traditional danish easter lunch followed by a few drinks at another place before we headed out to “Reffen” - the street food market in Copenhagen and had a few more good talks, drinks and something to eat.


Cherry blossoms
The cherry blossom/sakura on bispebjerg cemetery was a popular weekend excursion for locals and tourist. My girlfriend lives very close to the cemetery and somehow I convinced her to wake up at 5.45 and walk over to see them before the rest of the city woke up and arrived. Even though we arrived at 6 am there were already a few people, but nothing compared to later on the day.


Apartment update
I’ve been silent for a while about my apartment hunt and for good reasons. Although there have been many apartments for sale I still havn’t found the right one yet. The second reason is maybe the most Important but also the weirdest to talk about. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 months and it’s not because we are thinking about moving in together tomorrow or in two months, but we have talked about what the future could hold. I’ve been in doubt whether this is the right time to buy an apartment. For now I’m still looking but it’s only if the perfect apartment that we both can see ourself in that I might buy. I’m no longer desperat to find a new place, and I’ve accepted the fact that I might live in my current apartment for maybe another year, if we don’t move together in her apartment before that. And then if we one day decide to buy something together we’ll figure that out. We both agree that we have to be sure that we don’t move too fast and one of us don’t feel pressured to move together too early, so that if the relationship don’t last, one of us wont end up homeless. So now I’m just trying to make my apartment as cosy as possible with some of the ideas I have had for a new apartment.

Instagram inspiration
I use way to much time on Instagram, but it's there I get inspired and motivated to do better and leave my comfort zone. So I've put together a little list of photographers or photos that inspires me or are just acing it at the moment. This section of the blog will be a monthly recurring, and I'll share some of the Photographers/instagrammers that inspired me during the month. If you have any suggestions, please comment below or slide into my DM’s on instagram.

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