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6 Days in bangkok

The flight
I had late flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki and the at around 1AM my flight to Bangkok took off as planned. I flew with Finnair, and paid a small fee to get a so called preferred seat with a bit more legroom I think, but the seats were quite hard and still a bit uncomfortable, the food were… well… quite bad, not uneatable but close to. As a gourmet I wasn’t happy, not that I had expected anything better, but still…Next time I fly long haul I will fly Business or at least economy plus/extra, in my eyes it’s worth the extra pennies at least when you can afford it.


The markets
Bangkok and Asia in general is quite famous for the streetfood and markets. On the first day I went to a night market and got some food - all kind of pigs, not sure what part of the pigs I ate, all I know is that’s it was pig or so I was told, most of it tasted quite good. The other days I mostly just ate fresh fruits from the markets and I didn’t try some of the in my eyes wired food (and other things) that you can get on the markets.


King power Mahanakhon
On the second day after a good night sleep and no sign of jetlag (yet) I went to see the first temple or actually it was a Veterinary Clinic. Right next to the clinic was a kindergarden and on mondays it’s “yellow day” so all the kids were dressed in yellow


Later that day I visited the highest building in Bangkok the KingPower Mahanakhon tower. at 312meters you get a stunning view over the city and it got even better around sunset. The tower also features a famous skywalk - a glass floor floating above the streets, but the line was too long and I actually didn’t really feel like I wanted to do that, as I have a slight fear of hight.
That night the jetlag hit me and I didn’t sleep until 4.30 AM so the following day was a bit tough.


On two occasions I walked around Chinatown. It might be one of the most photogenic areas of the Bangkok, at least the Bangkok I saw. So many foodtrucks/stalls so many peoples and things happening all around you.


The old train station - Hua Lamphong
Hua Lamphong is the main train station in Bangkok - a over 100 year old station, soon to be retired as a new modern station will open next year and become the larges train station in east asia. But the station is also a very photogenic station and you are guaranteed not the only one walking around and taking photos. There is a very strange vibe inside, almost calm, at least compared to the chaos that roam the streets outside.


The traffic and what I learned
One thing that I will never miss about Bangkok is the traffic and the lack of pedestrian walkways. In 90% of occasions it’s impossible to cross the streets without risking your life. I get it, it’s warm and people don’t walk, but some people do, and as a person that likes to walk, I really had my struggles and near dead experiences. It’s just a city full of cars and scooters not made for walking.


Lumpini Park
The Central park of Bangkok is defiantly a nice oasis in the middle of the city. I was told that there was big lizards roaming around and I was somewhat excited to see some wild animals that I don’t get to see in Denmark, but I saw none, well one tiny one and one a bit bigger but nothing close to what I expected.


The hotels
The first 3 nights I stayed at a low key hotel (Qui hotel) but in a suite, nothing special and actually wouldn’t recommend it, the breakfast was very bad and the cleaning wasn’t satisfying.The last 3 night is another story. I had booked a 72 square meter ExecuPlus Suites at the 5 star Pathumwan Princess Hotel. And oh boy was it nice, huge two room suite and enormous bathroom. The first night I took a long warm bath and really just enjoyed my life. The cleaning were on point, the view were amazing the room service was good, I don’t have one bad thing to say… okay one minor thing I wished was that there where Ice cubes in my full size refrigerator & freezer. ( I know I could have asked for ice cubes and they would have been there within a few heartbeats)


That was pretty much my trip in short form. Be sure to check out my Bangkok album with more photos and stay tuned on Instagram.

Thanks for reading this far! 


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