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This will be the first in what I hope will be a monthly recurrent. A monthly blogpost, where I'll talk a bout what happened in my life that month, what music, podcast, tv series I'm watching, where I've eaten what new food spots in copenhagen I've heard about or where I travelled to. 


I turned 28 years this month, it was the first birthday after my mom died and my first birthday ever (I think) not celebrating the day with my her. To be honest I kinda feared the day, I thought it was going to be a tough day not having my mom around to celebrate my birthday. But the day actually went pretty decent, after work I went to the graveyard said "hi" to her or what ever you call it. Went to my brothers place where I had invited the closest family and ate a lot of Sushi and drank Crémant de Luxembourg, a pretty okay day under the circumstances.

I'm fucking happy and excited to announce that I on the last day of August got offered a permanent contract with Wonderful Copenhagen (VisitCopenhagen) And signed it a few days later. But it was not made public until I got home from London - and the reason why this blog post is not published on the first of September. It's no secret that the last few month without knowing how my job situation looked liked on the first of January 2019 have been a bit hard. So It's a huge relief that I can continue with job that I love and is my passion. 

Taking a few days off work
The week before my 28th birthday i took 3 days off work to focus on personal projects. On the first day off work I woke at 6AM jumped on my bike and 5 min later I was at the beach jumped in for a quick dip and drove back. This was the second time I jumped in the (Danish) sea this summer and also the second time in over a decade. The water around Copenhagen is just to cold, but this summer we have had 3 months of very warm temperatures, so the sea was actually a bit like in southern France or Greece, which is pretty damn great.

Beginning to shoot food photography
I started executing on some of the ideas I've had for a long time and I also briefly touched on my lates blogpost. For the past many months I've felt that I wanted to transition into shooting more food and lifestyle photos. After sharing my feelings and thoughts with you I felt a relief and that I finally could start working on some of the project that I've been thinking about. One of them was food photography - not like plating ( at least not yet) More like portraits of eateries including their food.  
This Month I visited:
La Neta
Democtratic coffee 2.0 (Viktoriagade)
Lille Bakery
Østerberg Icecream

and least but not last FormelB (1 star michelin restaurant)
Just to name a few... 
Here is a few from Lille Bakery a relatively new bakery in Copenhagen - located on Refshaleøen - a new and upcoming area of Copenhagen

Instagram inspiration
I use way to much time on Instagram, but it's there I get inspired and motivated to do better and leave my comfort zone, so I've put together a little list of photographers that inspires me or are just acing it at the moment. This section of the blog will be a monthly recurring, and I'll share some of the Photographers/instagrammers that inspired me this month

Copenhagen Pride
After skipping last year I went to see the Copenhagen Pride this year to shoot some photos. It's such a beautiful event that only can put a smile on your face. So many happy people just enjoying who they are. It's wonderful to live in a country that relative to most other countries tolerates you no matter who you are, no matter how you feel and who you love. Not saying it can't get better, it sure can. There's still a long way to go before we are where we should be. Love is love after all, no matter what sex you are born as, no matter who you feel like, no matter who you are, love is love. 

I'm slowly getting into listening to more and more podcasts. I've been fan of a few for many years but it's only now that I'm really giving it a chance. I really like podcasts where I can either learn stuff, getting motivated or having a laugh, so here's a few Podcasts that I have been enjoying listening to for a long time or just began listening to: 

  • The GaryVee Audio Experience (marketing, SoMe, self motivation)

  • The Chase Jarvis Live Show (photography and related creative interviews)

  • Her Går Det Godt (Danish - Politik, nyheder og humor)

  • Couples theraphy with Casey Neistat and Candice Pool (Relationship talks - I like every thing with Casey Neistat)

  • 99% invisible (Exploration of the process and power of design and architecture)

  • How I built this (Interviews with people who built big companies)

I think that was it for August.
Thanks for reading this far! 

As this was the first monthly blog post, expect changes and the "concept" to evolve.

I can already tell that September will feature a trip to London to visit my sister. Hopefully the apartment hunt will be going strong and I will eat at some nice places, there is for sure one bakery that I'm really looking forward to trying. 


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